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Wordpress content management system for lawyers

If you have dabbled in blogging or consider yourself internet-savvy, you have probably heard of WordPress, the Internet data publishing platform and content management system (CMS). For those of you who don’t have any idea what that means, have no fear! In simple terms, WordPress is a platform (accessed through a login screen) that allows you to place text, photos, videos and more on websites that have been programmed through WordPress. In addition, it allows you to do all of this without detailed knowledge of Web programming.  If you can use Microsoft Word, you can make text updates to your WordPress Web presence.

Why should lawyers know about WordPress?

WordPress is a very simple tool for attorneys and law firms to use to keep their website content fresh. Even better, since it is open-source, the software is free and constantly updated by a legion of dedicated developers. Whether you plan on supplying your own content or using a professional legal content writer, WordPress can be a powerful platform to use for your website and blog. Consultwebs.com, Inc. now exclusively uses an attorney specific WordPress version for virtually every legal web site design. We also use it on our Consultwebs legal marketing site that has several thousand pages as well as this law web marketing blog.

Some of the biggest benefits a WordPress backend can bring to your website include:

  • Quicker posting and the ability to post from multiple devices / interfaces.

Have you ever left the office forgetting to input an important update to your site? With WordPress, you can easily post while on the go using mobile devices including iPads, iPhones, Android Smartphones, Blackberry phones and more.

  • Easy to modify with clean interfaces for entering content.

WordPress’ smooth interface is one of the major reasons for its popularity. It allows users to identify areas that they want to make changes in, and then upload content quickly.

  • Easier to redesign and repurpose existing content.

With WordPress, it’s much easier to keep your information from going stale. Previous posts can be changed with ease to keep your content fresh and up to date.

  • Ability to load posts for future publishing.

We all have bursts of creativity, but feast or famine doesn’t work well to show your website or blog as a strong source of information on the Internet. With WordPress, multiple posts can be added to the interface without publishing them to the site. So when your inspiration is flowing, go for the gusto and write up a storm—you can publish your posts later, when you get writer’s block.

  • Easy to add-on unique functionalities.

WordPress offers over 19,000 different plug-ins for increased usability.

Many of the aspects of law firm SEO are difficult for individual lawyers or small law firms because of the knowledge base and time investment needed. While not a “miracle drug” by any means, WordPress does make some aspects of onsite optimization simpler. For those that choose to invest the time in these tools, WordPress can add many SEO benefits. These benefits include:

  • Automation of SEO tasks and tools to do better keyword analysis while writing.
  • Ability to automate tasks like notifying search engines of new content (Google, Bing, pubsubhubbub).
  • Automating the creation of sitemap files.
  • Plug-ins that handle recommendations for site speed like caching / minimizing content, telling browsers when content is old and when to re-download, etc.
  • Tools to automatically push new posts to social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.
  • Tools to automate social and RSS feed buttons on pages.
  • More likely to maintain HTML validation and correct coding across pages.
  • Automation of Breadcrumbs (navigation scheme showing user’s location in a website), if a site structure is followed.
  • Commenting system with notifications when your content is posted to other blogs.
  • Ability to automate markup conventions like Authorship, Schema, HTML 5, etc. across site.

Content is the most important component of obtaining website rankings and converting visitors to inquirers. Updating content can be a time-intensive activity, even with WordPress. Many attorneys and law firms have chosen to hire professional content developers and/or a legal marketing company for their Web campaigns to ease the burden of time required to keep site content up to date. If you are like most attorneys, your time and investments are best spent doing what you do best: practicing law.

If you would like more information on how your site could be programmed into a WordPress backend or on Consultwebs’ content development services, call us at (800) 872-6590 or email us at marketing@consultwebs.com.

Tanner Jones

Tanner Jones serves as the Marketing Director for Consultwebs.com, which means that he often is one of the first contacts our clients have with our firm. Follow Tanner on Google+.

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Genius Startup

This is such a good description of WordPress for people who don’t know about the platform.

Because it’s so good at dealing with large amounts of pages WordPress is ideal for many legal startups.

A client of mine is setting up a specialized patents database using WordPress and a couple of plugins for importing and displaying data. The saving he’s made by doing it this way – versus hiring a web agency – is huge. It probably made the difference between doing the project or not.


I agree with you completely. One of the things we enjoy with WordPress is the ease of developing and customizing the websites. If there is a certain functionality that is needed it is probably already built and if not, it is a short lead time to develop.


LeAnna Easterday

Thank you both for your great comments. Since learning about WordPress, I’ve been amazed at the many potential benefits it has for different aspects of online marketing campaigns!


Andrew Stewart

Word Press took the intimidation factor out of writing new, fresh content for me. Lets face it, we are not left-brained computer engineers. Ergo-any help we can get we will take…and WordPress is a lot of help.


LeAnna Easterday

For sure, Andrew! I was nervous to jump into WordPress, so I simply set up my own personal blog to play around inside the system. I was surprised at how intuitive it is (even for my non-engineer brain)!


Thanks for providing such a comprehensive overview of WordPress’ structure and benefits!


Tanner Jones

LeAnna, thanks for the great post! I came across the below blog post about WordPress sites worldwide. It illustrates the rapid growing interest in using WordPress for businesses!

The estimated percentage of all websites that run on WordPress as of 2011.

The percentage of the top million websites worldwide representing small, medium and big business that run on WordPress.

72.4 million
The number of websites that host a WordPress blog (including both WordPress.com and self-hosted).

The rough split between WordPress.com and self-hosted websites.

The percentage of active domains created in the USA that run on WordPress.”

You can see the full article at http://wpmu.org/brief-history-of-wordpress-in-numbers/.


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