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Linkable Assets

“Linkable asset” is a term that has been around for a while and is used to refer collectively to a website’s link-worthy content. In other words, a linkable asset is what your firm possesses that would make others want to link to your site. Often times this term is used to refer only to the on-site content of a website such as its written content, images, and video. While this content comprises a significant portion of a website’s linkable assets, there are numerous other elements that often go unaddressed in a link-building campaign.

It is easy to get into the habit of thinking that SEO and link building begin and end in the digital world, but to be successful a company must integrate their offline relationships with their online presence. Because of the abstract nature of your firm’s professional relationships, non-profit work, and the unique branding elements of your firm, linkable assets are not always fully utilized in a link-building campaign. However, when they are, the return on investment is well worth it. You may be surprised by how many assets your firm already has to leverage:

1. Relationships:

This refers to a firm’s individual, professional, and community relationships. This could mean contacting vendors that your firm has a professional relationship with to arrange a mutually beneficial link exchange from a relevant page. It can also mean forming guest blogging relationships with relevant and authoritative websites in the legal profession, getting involved with community projects or organizations, or reaching out to your alma mater to see if there are any opportunities for you as a graduate.

This type of link-building is not really link-building at all; instead it is simply harnessing the SEO value of the existing relationships that you and your firm have already worked hard to develop.

2. Involvement with Charities and Non-Profits:

This is similar to the relationships category above but is so important that it warrants a separate explanation. Many of our clients are already engaged with charities and non-profits, which are also great opportunities to get an SEO boost while benefiting your community and contributing to an important cause.

Obviously the main motivation to do non-profit work or to donate to a charity is for the good that it does for your community and to support the causes that you believe in; but it is possible to incorporate this into your online presence as well. By no means would I ever suggest that anyone go out and do volunteer work just to try to get a couple links to their website! However, if volunteering is something that you do already or want to do, there may be opportunities to integrate this with your online branding efforts. Like relationships, this is another opportunity to get some SEO benefit from the civic activities you are already doing.

3. Your Brand Authority:

This is you— the collective knowledge, skills, expertise, and image that you, your firm, and your employees possess and display. Google wants unique content and this begins with a unique brand. You can use your skills and experiences to create an original online presence, something that stands out from the rest of the firms in your market area. This can be done by writing articles, white papers, or e-books in a niche legal area in which you have a particular interest or expertise. It can also be done by producing graphs and info-graphics that simplify complicated data or statistics and provide needed information in an easy-to-understand format. Unique content compels readers and drives traffic to your site. In addition, Google’s crackdown on low quality content means that your content must be original and must also provide new and unique information. If you use your firm’s unique assets, skills, and perspectives to develop a unique brand, unique content will be the natural result.

The concept of linkable assets can be easy to overlook in a busy law practice. It is important to have an actionable linkable assets’ strategy in place to track and utilize all the valuable assets that you and your firm have invested time and resources into creating, including your onsite content as well as your offline relationships and community involvement. Having a good linkable assets strategy in place will allow you to identify, pursue and track these opportunities to ensure that you are developing all available means to help you grow the visibility and success of your firm.

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