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Consultwebs: Law Firm Marketing with Passion

At Consultwebs, we are proud of our team. The passion with which they work is reflected in our client’s success.

We are also excited about our growth! In the past year, we have brought in eleven new team members; each with specific fields of expertise. If you are currently a client, it is likely you have already been helped by them. Working in the background, each consistently strives to add value to our clients’ campaigns. Consultwebs couldn’t help you succeed without them!

“Consultwebs has that ‘startup’ feeling of freshness and openness, thriving on feedback from everyone on the team, regardless of their title. I am truly blessed to be a part of such an innovative, honest, and forward-thinking group of people.”Derek Seymour, Senior Programmer

“I’m thrilled to join the CW team because we have a well-rounded culture of professionals who are experts in their fields and also make up an ensemble cast of friends when the work day ends.” - Chris Spaulding, Senior Developer

“I appreciate that Consultwebs strives to distinguish itself from competition by, simply, being the best. I appreciate that we are intentional to meet our clients’ needs in creative and unique ways. Already I’ve seen a great deal of passion in our team and it makes me excited to join a company where I can learn & thrive with the best.”Victoria Easter, Marketing and Administrative Assistant

“The dedicated team at truly amazes me. We continually strive for improvement, and it shows in our commitment to offering the highest quality services and products for our clients.”LeAnna Easterday, Marketing Communications Specialist

“I’m excited to be a member of the Consultwebs team; our level of integrity, combined with our dedication and loyalty to our clients, really separates us from the rest.”Michael Joseph, Internet Marketing Specialist

“The first thing I noticed about Consultwebs was how genuine and friendly everyone is towards each other. It creates a great work environment where productivity and innovation thrive.”Ken Vandre, SEM Analyst Keyword Specialist

“Consultwebs follows Web practices that assure long-term results. We believe in doing things the right way even if it means we all have to work a little bit harder.”Jason Giroux, SEO Analyst/ Link Acquisition Expert

“I’m excited to work at Consultwebs because the whole team is so friendly and professional. Nowhere else can you find a team that cares so much about every single client and each other.”Rafi Kaufman, Account Manager

“I’m excited to join the Consultwebs team because I am joining a great group of people who give special attention to each of our customers.”Ashley Pittman, Accounting Assistant

“The culture at Consultwebs is focused on building and maintaining relationships, both between the company and our clients, as well as among team members. With everyone working together toward the same goals, we are all invested each other’s success. It is personally rewarding to be a part of an organization whose mission is so in tune with the aspirations of real people and their legal practices.”Greg Froom, J.D., Web Content Editor

“I’m excited to join the CW team because the websites created by Consultwebs have a solid foundation of well-researched, well-written content to help law firms reach prospective clients.”Wade Rawlins, Web Content Editor

Consultwebs Team

At Consultwebs, our clients’ results drive our success. If you are interested in partnering with our law firm marketing experts to connect with more clients, email us at or call at (800) 872-6590.


As a Marketing Consultant for, John Damron works closely with our law firm clients to develop the most effective Internet marketing strategies possible for the practice areas and geographic markets they want to target. Follow John on Google+.

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